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For one, or for more same or mixed voices in Latin, and organ.

The six complete Masses for voices (from one to four) and organ are collected here, one of which presented in a double version. The compositions underline the original features that make them particularly suitable for the accompaniment of the sacred rite: a simple and concise formal structure, even for the Gloria and the Credo, with a free succession of phrases aimed more at highlighting the emotional or conceptual meaning of each passage, rather than artificially creating a pre-established form.

PEOPLE’S MASS IN ITALIAN – for medium voice and organ

PEOPLE’S MASS – for medium voice “Let the people pray”

MISSA DANIEL PROPHETA – for two mixed voices and organ

MESSA SOLENNA “REGINA ORDINIS MINORUM” – for two equal voices and organ

MESSA “MARIAE NASCENTI” – for three mixed voices and organ

MISSA REGINA PACIS – for three equal voices and organ

MISSA REGINA PACIS – with four mixed voices and organ

Curatore: PierAngelo Pelucchi
Editore: Carrara
Anno di pubblicazione: 2002
Pagine: 184
Codice: EC4634
Codice ISMN: 9790215746343

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