Il Maestro Daniele Maffeis fra suoni, parole e immagini
Pomeriggio di studi
24 maggio 2024 ore 18.00
Salone Furietti - Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai
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During the school year 1950-1951 the most awaited event occurred: the return to the

cradle of his first  education, with the appointment to the chair of organ and organ composition, his preferred one, at the Conservatorio Musicale G. Donizetti of Bergamo.

For the Conservatory it was also a long-awaited event, since it was the return of one of the best musicians coming out of its ancient and strict classrooms.

In ’56 -’57 he was awarded the chair of Gregorian Chant and in ’59-’60 also that of Harmony.

The proximity to home favoured the fulfillment of multiple commitments.

To these was added the honour of testing numerous organs, new or restored. 

Given his extraordinary knowledge of this “King of Instruments”, during those years around twenty parish priests invited him to test their church organs.

Because of the esteem he earned in different musical and cultural environments, in 1960 he was awarded the title of Academic of the Athenaeum of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bergamo. 

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