Il Maestro Daniele Maffeis fra suoni, parole e immagini
Pomeriggio di studi
24 maggio 2024 ore 18.00
Salone Furietti - Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai
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Daniele Maffeis’s high grades, ranging from 9 to 10,  were excellent references for Prof. Marinelli, when he accompanied him to enroll at the Conservatory of Milan, to study the advanced courses of piano, organ and composition.

He introduced him to the organ teacher Arnaldo Galliera, who would accompany him up to the high school diploma level, in this subject which was and would always be his favourite.

He also introduced him to the Duomo Chapel director, Maestro Salvatore Gallotta, who entrusted him with the task of playing the organ.

During the years of Conservatory he would then have the teachers Adolfo Bossi, Ettore Pozzoli and Ildebrando Pizzetti, amongst others. His studies combined experience of composition, concert activity and teaching. 

He also established lasting friendships in the world of entertainment and figurative art. 

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