Il Maestro Daniele Maffeis fra suoni, parole e immagini
Pomeriggio di studi
24 maggio 2024 ore 18.00
Salone Furietti - Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai
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As a quick learner, his superiors were inspired to introduce him with good references to the selective exam for the Conservatorio Gaetano Donizetti in Bergamo.

Here he soon distinguished himself due to his creative liveliness and (for his) strong interpretative talents, both in musical essays and (in) outside experience.

Amongst his teachers the Prof. Alberto D’Erasmo stands out together with his lifelong friend, Prof. Alessandro Marinelli.

Marinelli would later introduce Daniele Maffeis to the musician Agostino Donini, who became a true mentor for him, especially in pursuing the dream of reforming the liturgical music of which Daniele Maffeis would become one of the most important exponents. 

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